Als weltweit führender digitaler Fachhändler für Fahrräder bringt die Internetstores Group, die zur SIGNA Sports United gehört, mehr Menschen aufs Rad als jeder andere.


Mit unseren Onlineshops, wie, Bikester, Probikeshop, Campz und Addnature decken wir mehr als 1.300 Marken und 130.000 Produkte ab. Damit sind wir Europas Spezialist für Bike und Outdoor. Zur Auswahl stehen unter anderem exklusiv vertriebene und ausgezeichnete Produktlinien wie Votec, Fixie Inc., Ortler und Serious. Dieses breite Angebot wird durch Stores in Deutschland, Schweden und Frankreich sowie ein wachsendes Service-Netzwerk an mobilen und lokalen Partnern ergänzt.


An den Standorten Stuttgart, Berlin, Lyon und Stockholm beschäftigen wir rund 800 Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen.

Quick Facts


MitarbeiterInnen weltweit


Digitale Fachhändler in Europa


Länder erschlossen


Full-Service Stores


Multinationale Unternehmensstandorte


Lokale und mobile Service Partner


Max. verschickte Pakete pro Tag

Purpose & Destination

Our Purpose
Every day we get more people on bikes and enable all to explore the great outdoors – so they stay active, healthy and live well.


Our Destination
Be consumers’ and brands’ most trusted partner for bikes and outdoors.

Values in Action

1 — Make Fans. Not Customers
Think differently. It’s a radical force that will lead us down new paths. We’re all in the relationship business. Our job is to build an emotional connection to our brand, products and services. Feeling empathy isn’t just about being nice, it’s about listening and truly understanding. Excellent customer service is an attitude, not a department.


2 — Make Today Count
Every day is race day. No time for guessing – leaders anticipate. Simplify, because nobody likes complicated. It’s free speed. Constantly monitor, improve, and adapt. Become even better tomorrow. We challenge ourselves and others to constantly raise the bar.


3 — Better Together
We are one team – within and across departments and geographies. Everyone puts forward their best effort. We depend on each other, are reliable and committed to meeting deadlines. Together we all create the environment we want to work in. We respect each other in our differences. Always listen to others’ ideas and build on them.


4 — Focus on Impact
To create an impact, we focus on things that really make a difference. We prioritise to achieve our goals faster. To get things done, we take ownership and help get projects over the finish line.

5 — Fail Fast. Fail Forward
We take calculated risks to innovate and move forward. If we fail, we learn from our errors and take immediate action. We admit and share missteps, because failure is part of the process and will only make us better.


6 — Data is King, Heart Rules
If you want to pitch an idea, things to change or simply add value, get prepared and make a case. Influence and inspire others by gathering facts and figures to back up your plans. We run via ideas not hierarchy – talent beats status.


7 —Think Big. Start Small, Move Fast
We are built on efficiency. We make effective decisions fast and consciously. You are safe to take action, having 80% of all information, until proven otherwise. Remember, our choices always affect others: our colleagues, suppliers and, most importantly, our customers. They are never in the room when decisions are made internally.


8 — You Matter
Everybody makes a difference to our team. We all give our best to accomplish our mission. We encourage each other to stay active, healthy and to live well. We also believe in the positive impact bikes and outdoor activities have on our lives. Let’s make our time together matter: at work, on rides and outdoors. This is just the beginning!


Unser Leadership-Team

Thomas Spengler

– Managing Director Marketing & Customer

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Robert Polland

– Managing Director Bike & Outdoor

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Olivier Rochon

– Managing Director Bike Expert

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Sabine Zwick

– VP Process Management & Operational Projects

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Raphaël Laissu

– VP Operations Probikeshop

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Anders Munk

– VP Bike Mainstream

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André Vollmer

– Director Consumer Product & Services

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Armelle Fourneron

– Director Finance Probikeshop

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Jörg Schaible

– Director Performance Marketing

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Julia Heckmann

– Director Marketing & Communications

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Katrin Langenfeld

– Director Product & Category Merchandising

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Landri Ribeiro

– Director Sales & Marketing Probikeshop

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Maren Frey

– Director Strategy & Projects

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Markus Gauderer

– Director Logistics

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Mathilde Ménégaut

– Director HR Probikeshop

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Michael Benner

– Director Purchasing & Products

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Nils Pollex

– Director People & Culture

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Peter Hackmaier

– Director Customer Relationship Management

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Roman Melzer

– Director Customer Service

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Sven Betz

– Director Business Product & Services

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Tamer Celen

– Director Commercial Analytics

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Virginie Buisson

– Director Customer Service Probikeshop

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Jennifer Geiß

– Director Connected Retail

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Katharina Voss

– On Maternity Leave

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6 Dinge, die du über uns wissen solltest

Wusstest du schon?

1 — Wir verschicken mehr Bikes als jeder andere Fahrradhändler – und das jeden Tag aufs Neue.


2 — Wir betreiben über 40 digitale Fachhändler.


3— Wir haben eins der größten Angebote an verfügbaren E-Bikes.


4 — Unsere Shops bieten mehr als 3.200 verschiedene Bike Modelle – du hast die Qual der Wahl.


5 — Unser Lager schenkt über 130.000 Fahrrädern ein vorübergehendes zu Hause, bevor sie bei unseren Kund*innen einziehen können.


6 — Unser Bike & Outdoor Sortiment umfasst über 1.300 Marken.

Family & Partners

Die Internetstores Group ist Teil der SIGNA Sports United, dem führenden Sport-Onlinehändler in Europa. Egal ob Fahrrad, Outdoor, Tennis, Teamsport oder Athleisure – hier finden Sportbegeisterte alles, was sie zum Erreichen ihrer Ziele benötigen. Mit über 4 Millionen aktiven Kunden, über 300 Millionen Besuchern jährlich und mehr als 1000 Markenpartnern, 500+ unabhängigen Offline-Händlern und 10 Millionen digitalen Sport-Community-Mitgliedern, die mit der Plattform verbunden sind – sprechen die Zahlen für sich.