Superlight Fixie Inc. Backspin sets new standards in urban e-mobility

E-Bike Innovation from Stuttgart

Stuttgart, 26. November 2019 – About 10 kg lighter and a price saving of 1000 euro compared to other city e-bikes makes the Fixie Inc. Backspin perfectly suited for city use. The battery can also be recharged by back-peddling and the bike is controlled via app.


The new Fixie Inc. Backspin ©Internetstores GmbH

“We wanted to create a city-capable e-bike that could be effortlessly carried up stairs or put on public transport without having to spend thousands of euros,” says Michael Benner, Director Purchasing and Product at Internetstores GmbH; to which Fixie Inc. belongs. The bicycle developed by Benner and his team in southwest Germany represents true innovation in the e-bike market:  when set against comparable city e-bikes, the new Fixie Inc. is not just approximately 10 kilograms lighter, it also costs 1000 euro less. Benner explains the unique price to weight ratio: “Huge ranges aren’t usually necessary in the city. The Fixie Inc. Backspin is scaled back to its essentials and impresses with its clean design and a number of practical features and details.”


By this, Benner isn’t just referring to the completely matt black look of the Backspin, but also its technical subtleties. This is because where other bicycles only ‘coast’ if you pedal backwards, the Backspin activates its recharge mode instead. “This way, the battery can recover some of its lost energy and thus enable you to ride longer,” says Benner. “So it’s fun to have both: gentle support when going uphill and recharging when going down.” The name “Backspin” therefore has a double meaning: on the one hand it refers to this new function, on the other hand it’s a homage to one of the first Fixie Inc. models with the same name, which was popular for its manoeuvrability and focused on urban riding fun.


With its minimalist, purist design, Fixie Inc. remains true to its “less is more” line: Italian engine manufacturer Zehus concealed both the battery and motor in the rear wheel hub and compact aluminium housing. The motor is controlled via the MyBike App from Zehus, which not only shows battery status and current speed but also offers a pre-installed map. In addition, the amount of assistance from the motor and action of back-pedal brake can be regulated. Helpfully, this single gear e-bike can still be ridden if your mobile phone isn’t available. Further details, such as pedals with extra grip, the high-quality saddle and grips from Fabric, and the slightly wider wheels, ensure a pleasant ride.


The e-bike is now available in all common sizes for a permissible total weight of up to 120 kg. At an output of about 250 watts, the range is between 30 and 60 km (depending on riding style and distance) before the battery needs charging for 2.5 to 3 hours. From December, the Fixie Inc. Backspin will be available for 1399 euro in the Internetstores Group’s online shops ( and Europe-wide on Bikester), as well as in all stores: in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Hamburg and Stuttgart.




About Fixie Inc.
Founded in 2003 in Karlsruhe, Germany, Fixie Inc. has its roots in the urban fixed gear scene. The brand is aimed at young urban cyclists for whom pure riding pleasure is the focus. To meet these customer demands, Fixie Inc. created a stripped-down yet stable bike that is still loved today. Since 2012, Fixie Inc. has been part of the Internetstores Group, which brings the brand into the mainstream and makes it accessible to a larger target group. The bike’s simple design and unique character have been kept and enhanced by newer technologies. The brand is recognised for its especially good price to performance ratio, the latest example of this being the Fixie Inc. Backspin, launched in 2019. This city e-bike is unique, due to its innovative charging technology, super light construction and extremely competitive price of 1,399 Euros. The perfect bike to get even more people riding in the city.


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