Internetstores sets the standard with new returns centre

Innovative logistics hub

Stuttgart, 23. November 2020 – Internetstores, multichannel provider for bike and outdoor, has been growing steadily for many years now. One factor that has contributed to its ambitious growth targets is the new returns system in Untertürkheim, Stuttgart. The European market leader has made sure the system is not only efficient but also optimised for the employees working there.


“In contrast to other e-commerce retailers, all returns – as long as they come back in perfect condition – are put back into storage. This sustainable process is only worthwhile financially if the returns can be processed efficiently. This also means providing optimal working conditions for our employees,” says Eduard Jesser, Head of Returns at Internetstores. To this end, we’ve redesigned our refined our workplaces to make them more employee-friendly: eye-friendly lighting, desks with ergonomic height adjustment and separate temperature controls at each workstation ensure individually-ideal workspaces. In addition, a driverless transport system has been developed for articles that can be stored in containers, which reduces walking distances. An overhead conveyor system initially designed for textile logistics was modified so that bicycle tyres (one of our most-popular product categories) can now be transported effortlessly through the hall. Also, tilting and lifting technology throughout the location reduces a lot of the heavy lifting.

With the logistics centre in Untertürkheim, we’re setting new standards in returns processing. The new facility relieves the burden on our previous location in Esslingen, where we now have more space for the storage and dispatch handling of our products, and allows faster processing. This enables us to reliably process the growing number of returns that accompany the constant growth of our business. — Markus Knöller, Head Group Logistics & Fulfilment

Processing returns efficiently

After packages are automatically opened, they’re sorted into ‘rework groups’. The subsequent transport between working areas is controlled by ‘E-BoxT’ units for further processing in the returns-rework, textile and hardware departments. The containers are stored and retrieved in a specially-designed system. With the help of this autonomously-functioning new system, certain groups of goods can be prioritised. The possibility of intermediate storage thus guarantees a decoupled, even utilisation of our workstations. At the same time, the system enables smooth integration of the new returns point into the inventory logistics by directly transferring the containers from the conveyor system to the warehouses. “Thanks to the ‘E-BoxT’ system, we can achieve energy savings of 30%. This makes a huge difference, especially with an increased volume of returns, and is part of our plan to be as sustainable as possible,” concludes Knöller.

The multichannel supplier received support with planning and implementation from Pierau Planung in cooperation with Heber Fördertechnik and Melkus Mechatronik. The workstations are due to be fully updated and completed by 2022.



About Internetstores

Internetstores GmbH is Europe’s leading digital retailer for bike and outdoor. The multinational company operates around 40 digital retailers across 14 countries – including, Brügelmann, Bikester, Campz, Probikeshop and Addnature. The Internetstores team provides customers with a comprehensive range of products aimed at recreational athletes and pros alike. Bike and outdoor fans will find exactly what they need among 1,000 brands and 125,000 products, shipped from six international logistics hubs directly to the customers. In addition to top bike and outdoor brands, the range also includes exclusively distributed own brands such as Ortler, Serious, Fixie Inc. and Votec. Internetstores’ multi-channel strategy means being exactly where the customer wants them to be: online, in a physical shop or offering services onsite at a preferred location. In Germany, you’ll find stores in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Dortmund; supplemented by a nationwide network of 200 service partners. Addnature and Bikester stores in Stockholm and Probikeshop in Lyon complete the family. Internetstores is part of SIGNA Sports United and currently employs around 800 people at its locations in Stuttgart, Esslingen, Berlin, Lyon and Stockholm. Find out more at



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