CAMPZ survey on trends and user behaviour for wearables and GPS watches

The CAMPZ survey shows which devices are most popular and why

Stuttgart, 9th of December 2021 – CAMPZ, the outdoor sports specialist and part of the Internetstores Group, surveyed how people use their wearables. 2,189 people participated and were asked, among other things, which wearables they own, how they use them, and what activities they use them for. The CAMPZ survey divides wearables into fitness trackers, GPS sports watches and smartwatches. The majority of respondents said they owned a GPS watch. This allows a first conclusion to be drawn about user behaviour.


GPS watches are more popular than smartwatches and fitness trackers


We were surprised and excited to discover that wearables are popular across all age ranges instead of just one group. The participants were divided into several age groups for the analysis: 18-20, 21-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and over 60s. In each of the six groups, at least 55% of all respondents owned a wearable device. The share of wearable users was highest among the 40-49 age group. In the survey, outdoor enthusiasts from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were also asked what kind of wearable they owned.


Our central finding: separating the different types of devices is often difficult. The survey defines a ‘wearable’ as a device equipped with sensors that records and analyses data about the user and their environment. Participants could choose from three widely used categories: fitness trackers, which usually only have an acceleration sensor and heart rate measurement; sports watches with additional sensors such as GPS, and smartwatches that act as an extension of your smartphone with social media, texting, and music.


At 59%, the majority of respondents said they use a GPS sports watch, whereas only 28% own a smartwatch and 11% a fitness tracker. This indicates that our participants rate the sports and GPS functions as more important than smartwatch functions and that wearables are purchased primarily for sporting activities.


The majority of people own at least one device 


The CAMPZ survey also showed that 62% of the respondents own one or more wearables and use them mainly to monitor their vital signs, health and sporting activities. On the other hand, 2% own a device but never actually use it. Of the survey participants who don’t yet own a wearable, 12% plan to buy one.


The sports mentioned in the survey are cycling, running, hiking, mountaineering, climbing and kayaking, with the first three being the three most popular. Many wearable owners are runners and far fewer hike. It’s exactly the opposite among the respondents who don’t own a wearable.


The types of sport and their popularity allow us to conclude about motives and functions. For example, one central function is used by almost everyone according to the survey: 94% of all users primarily want to record and monitor their activities, while 54% also want to keep track of and share their training successes.


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