Kai Ehlers: Pains & Gains at Munich Marketing Week

Kai Ehlers, our Director Business Development, held a great talk at Munich Marketing Week about digital service design. 

Afterwards he summarized the most important ideas in a short interview with german marketing magazine “Werben & Verkaufen”. For those that don’t speak German the key points were:


  • Through understanding that there are a ton of potential customers who are not comfortable with having a bike delivered to their front door and having to set it up themselves we developed our service partner network. Now we can deliver bikes to a target group that never thought about buying bikes online.
  • Amazon does the basics very well, but at internetstores we are able to engage with our customers, inspire them and go way beyond offering a broad range of products with fast shipping at competitive prices.
  • The actual sale of bikes will not stop in the foreseeable future, but there are other forms of bike ownership and bike use emerging right now. internetstores already offers bike leasing, but we are obviously keeping an eye on subscription models or short term hire models so we can continue to offer our customers the best experience possible.


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