fahrrad .de supports PendlerRatD study – how to get more commuter s on bikes ?

fahrrad.de already has a preference for a very special mode of transportation in itsname. We aredeeply convinced that the bike, especially the e-bike, can play a significant part in solving some oftoday’s most discussed topics regarding mobility and climate change.

Making the bike or the e-bike a great option to replace the car for certain trips will not only be positive for the environment, but contributes to personal well-being, too. That’s the reason why fahrrad.de is a partner of the research project PendlerRatD. This project is financed through the german Department of Transport and several other governmental agencies. Prof. Dr. Jana Heimel, Professor for International Management at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, sums up the goals of the project:


“Our goal is to promote commuting by sustainable means of transport, especially by bike. We aim to convert convinced car commuters to avid bike riders by helping them at every step along the way. We’re not only targeting the technical side of things, but the mindset, too. I am convinced that we need to make the employers part of the project, too, and develop an incentive scheme that motivates their employees to commute by bike.”


Dr. Hans Dohrmann, CEO of internetstores, says: “We already bring an incredible amount of people on bikes. Through PendlerRatD we will have scientifically recommended actions how to make commuting by bike an even greater experience.”


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