Cycling Industry Unites to Launch #BikeIsBest Campaign in UK

50 industry organisations join forces to launch “the most extensive coordinated promotional campaign for cycling since the 1970s”. Our Shop-Brand Bikester is one of these partner companies. A multi channel approach includes not only a hero film, digital advertising, billboards, TV ads but also organic sharing used to reach new riders. 

Leading voices from the cycle industry have joined forces to show that #BikeIsBest in a new multi-format campaign designed to show the British public that there’s never been a better time to ride a bike.


In the UK, two thirds (68%) of all journeys are under 5 miles; a distance that can be easily cycled by most people. Having been forced during the lockdown to experience what a life of active travel could resemble, there is a unique opportunity to effect long-term change and help more people realise the many benefits of cycling.


The campaign shows that contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to be ‘a cyclist’ to ride a bike. You don’t need to ride fast, far or wear Lycra to make a difference. Every person on a bike is contributing towards cleaner air, gridlock free cities and more available space on public transport.


Believing that #BikeIsBest, many of the cycling industry’s biggest voices have joined forces to launch a collaborative campaign encouraging the public to take control of their travel and help reshape a ‘new normal’.


The campaign has been described as “the most extensive coordinated promotional campaign for cycling since the 1970s”, with #BikeIsBest unifying brands, retailers, organisations and influencers in order to actively promote cycling to a new demographic. Using an inspirational film, digital advertising aimed at non-cyclists and organic sharing amongst the campaign’s network, organisers Fusion Media will use a variety of channels and techniques to reach the hearts and minds of the public.


The campaign has received support from out of home advertising company Clear Channel who have donated space on digital sites nationwide. A 30-second version of the hero film will also be aired on TV, thanks to advertising support from Sky AdSmart.


As well as official #BikeIsBest campaign ambassadors, Shanaze Reade and Jacqueline Anne Oatley MBE, 40 well known sport and lifestyle personalities have committed to help raise awareness of the campaign on social media.


At the heart of the #BikeIsBest campaign is an inspirational film produced by HUMAN. Creative that is designed to promote behaviour change and avoid returning to our transport status quo. The project is supported by environmental psychologist Dr Ian Walker with the film contrasting the two different paths that lie ahead, featuring a protagonist returning to “normal” in search of so-called freedom – only to be met by crowded trains, traffic jams and endless waiting – before showing viewers the many benefits that cycling could yield.


A microsite has also been created to help educate potential new riders about the many benefits of cycling and help break down perceived barriers to getting on a bike. Utilising new and existing content from the 50 industry supporters, visitors can access a plethora of helpful tips and guides to support new riders in their journey towards more active travel. The microsite also includes a pledge system encouraging non-riders to mark their commitment to getting out of their cars, or off public transport, to give cycling short journeys a go. For those that are already on two wheels, there is also the option to pledge practical support and inspiration to others so that more people can discover why #BikeIsBest.


#BikeIsBest campaign ambassador and multiple UCI BMX & Track Cycling World Champion, Shanaze Reade said: “I’m really proud and excited to be part of the #BikeIsBest campaign. COVID-19 has completely reshaped all of our lives over the past few months. Although it has presented many challenges, as a nation we now have the single biggest opportunity to disrupt the way we travel in a generation and simply support more people to get on their bikes. We need a unified approach, so it’s brilliant to see brands across the industry join together to get behind this.”


Sports Presenter and #BikeIsBest campaign ambassador, Jacqui Oatley MBE, added: “Before lockdown, I drove everywhere. I hadn’t owned a bike for years and had become consumed by the apparent convenience of four wheels, even for the shortest of journeys. As lockdown was confirmed, I bought a bike and became a changed woman! With fresh air and freedom, my mental and physical health improved drastically. I taught my son to ride his bike, persuaded my husband to buy one and now we all cycle everywhere. The school run is so quick, easy and fun – a trip to the shops a doddle without the hassle of parking. Join the cycling revolution with #BikeIsBest, I’m living proof!”


Adam Tranter, Founder and CEO of Fusion Media, who are coordinating the campaign, commented: “It is truly fantastic to see many cycling industry brands unite with a common goal of seizing this once in a generation opportunity. Together, we have a real chance to change behaviours, perceptions and make the world a better place as we go. This multichannel campaign would not be possible if it wasn’t for the prompt cooperation and foresight from our industry partners; we all know #BikeIsBest and now we have our best shot at telling others, creating widespread awareness of the many benefits cycling has to offer.”


#BikeIsBest has united leading cycle brands, retailers and organisations into one powerful voice with a single mission – to get more people riding bikes more often. The campaign is kindly supported by Beeline, Beryl, Bikester, Bikmo Insurance, Brompton Bicycle, Buzzbike, Cairn E-Adventure Bikes, Cannondale, Canyon, Chain Reaction Cycles, Cyclescheme, FreeFlow Technologies, Frog Bikes, Giant Bicycles, Havebike, Her Spirit, Hiplok, Hope Tech, HotChillee, Human Race Events, Hunt Bike Wheels, Islabikes, Komoot, Le Col, Let’s Go Tees Valley, Mango, Muc-Off, Northern Consultancy Co Ltd, ProViz, Pure Electric, Schwalbe, See.Sense, Specialized, Strava Metro, The Bicycle Society, The Bike Club, Upgrade Bikes, USE, Wahoo, Wiggle and Yellow Jersey Insurance.


The campaign is also backed by British Cycling, Cycling UK, London Cycling Campaign, Sustrans, The Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) and Wheels For Wellbeing.


The budget for the brand-neutral campaign is funded by industry supporters and is coordinated by Fusion Media, a marketing communications agency specialising in cycling and active travel.


More information on the #BikeIsBest campaign can be found on the microsite here:


Watch the herol film, here.