CAR SWAP – Four for Two

The Car Swap Campaign from “Fahr ein schöneres Hamburg”


Braving the wind on your bike in the morning instead of cruising comfortably in your car? Mastering everyday life with children, shopping and evening plans by bike? For many of the residents of Hamburg, this sounds like a real challenge.


But, our three participants have picked up the gauntlet and volunteered to do just this: they’ll swap their cars for an icon for one whole week. Why ‘icon’? Because the bike which Sandra, Rolf and Ulf will be riding is already a legend: the U3-Fiete. It’s the most ‘travelled’ bike in the world: created from pieces of Hamburg’s U3 subway carriages – which ran throughout the city for decades.


The three will be accompanied by BILD Hamburg, who will report on their experiences. With this experiment, we’ll show how inspiring and refreshing it is to change vehicles and perspectives. We’re curious to see how our three protagonists handle their daily routine on two wheels. Next stop: pushing for a better Hamburg.


We’re looking forward to this exciting campaign and will, of course, provide you with all the info you need!


Our three volunteers at a glance:


Team Captain and Original Hamburger: Ulf Kretschmer.

He calls himself absolutely weatherproof – but drives to work every day in a motorised vehicle. Now the 41-year-old branch manager from Rahlstedt has decided to break new ground. For one week he’ll swap his fancy car for our U3-Fiete and cycle to work with the sunrise.


He’ll ride during the following period: 10.02 – 16.02.




Activist and Organisational Talent: Sandra Nix.

The 42-year-old superwoman from Poppenbüttel isn’t ‘just’ a financial controller, she’s also a women’s rights activist – and uses her car to drive from her home to Poppenbüttel S-Bahn station every day. Park & Ride becomes Bike & Ride, because for one week she’ll use our service and ride to work on the U3-Fiete.


She’ll ride during the following period: 17.02. – 23.02.



Outdoor Enthusiast and Number Cruncher: Rolf Dröge.

This financial expert regularly drives to his tax consulting office. However, as he prefers to be out in the fresh air, the 55-year-old family man from Volksdorf is now making a switch. His new goal is to make Hamburg’s cycle routes more popular!


He’ll ride during the following period: 24.02. – 01.03.