Bike repair to go: The WRKSHOP at Hermannplatz, Berlin

There’s a lot going on around Berlin’s Hermannplatz for bicycles and bike lovers. North of the Hasenheide, one of Germany’s first protected cycle lanes was completed in spring 2019. Since then, the path has extended beyond Hermannplatz and joins up with the many other bike lanes that riddle the surrounding streets.


Karstadt’s courtyard redesign was finished up in October – and is another piece of the puzzle that makes cycling in this area safer and more enjoyable. We’re very pleased to also contribute to this worthy goal with our WRKSHOP.

Soon,  you’ll find a do-it-yourself workshop with tools, pumps and an inner tube vending machine, tucked away from bad weather in a converted container. There will be everything you need, for example, to repair a flat tyre quickly. Even larger repairs can be carried out easier and faster in the WRKSHOP than in your own living room – thanks to the assembly stands and range of tools available. And something that’s especially exciting for e-bike riders: there’ll also be a free electric charging station. So, Berliners never have to face running out of juice on the go again!



It’s no coincidence that our first WRKSHOP is located in Berlin of all places: we’ve had a presence in the capital since our store opened there last year. With our DIY workshop, we don’t just want to make cycling in the city easier; we also want to improve it.

The eye-catching patterns on the walls of the container are the work of Berlin street art collective “Klebebande”. Equipped only with masking tape, knives and rulers, three artists worked on the interior for three days. They didn’t need more than a rough idea. The patterns were created spontaneously from over a kilometre of adhesive tape!



The newly introduced local bike infrastructure complements the self-service workshop. Since its opening, a bike lane crosses the Karstadt inner courtyard; shortening the way between Urbanstraße and Hasenheide. Roofed parking spaces (which are also large enough for cargo bikes) are also available right next to the WRKSHOP. The overall concept of the courtyard invites you to stay and take your time. After you’ve repaired your bike or while you’re waiting for your e-bike to charge, why not take a seat in the new Café HRMNNBOX? Enjoy the view of the urban gardening project and watch the bikes passing by. It’s a glimpse into the future of our cities.