As the world’s leading digital specialist retailer for bicycles, Internetstores Group that is part of the SIGNA Sports United, gets more people on bikes than anyone else.


Well-known platforms such as, Bikester, Probikeshop, Campz and Addnature carry over 130,000 products and 1,300 brands. Therefore we are Europe’s bike and outdoor expert. The selection also includes the award-winning in-house brands Votec, Fixie Inc., Ortler and Serious. This broad offering is complemented by stores in Germany, Sweden and France, and a growing service network of mobile and local partners.


We employ 600 people in Stuttgart, Berlin, Lyon and Stockholm.

Quick Facts


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Purpose & Destination

Our Purpose
Every day we get more people on bikes and enable all to explore the great outdoors – so they stay active, healthy and live well.


Our Destination
Be consumers’ and brands’ most trusted partner for bikes and outdoors.

Values in Action

1 — Make Fans. Not Customers
Think differently. It’s a radical force that will lead us down new paths. We’re all in the relationship business. Our job is to build an emotional connection to our brand, products and services. Feeling empathy isn’t just about being nice, it’s about listening and truly understanding. Excellent customer service is an attitude, not a department.


2 — Make Today Count
Every day is race day. No time for guessing – leaders anticipate. Simplify, because nobody likes complicated. It’s free speed. Constantly monitor, improve, and adapt. Become even better tomorrow. We challenge ourselves and others to constantly raise the bar.


3 — Better Together
We are one team – within and across departments and geographies. Everyone puts forward their best effort. We depend on each other, are reliable and committed to meeting deadlines. Together we all create the environment we want to work in. We respect each other in our differences. Always listen to others’ ideas and build on them.


4 — Focus on Impact
To create an impact, we focus on things that really make a difference. We prioritise to achieve our goals faster. To get things done, we take ownership and help get projects over the finish line.

5 — Fail Fast. Fail Forward
We take calculated risks to innovate and move forward. If we fail, we learn from our errors and take immediate action. We admit and share missteps, because failure is part of the process and will only make us better.


6 — Data is King. Heart Rules
If you want to pitch an idea, things to change or simply add value, get prepared and make a case. Influence and inspire others by gathering facts and figures to back up your plans. We run via ideas not hierarchy – talent beats status.


7 —Think Big. Start Small. Move Fast
We are built on efficiency. We make effective decisions fast and consciously. You are safe to take action, having 80% of all information, until proven otherwise. Remember, our choices always affect others: our colleagues, suppliers and, most importantly, our customers. They are never in the room when decisions are made internally.


8 — You Matter
Everybody makes a difference to our team. We all give our best to accomplish our mission. We encourage each other to stay active, healthy and to live well. We also believe in the positive impact bikes and outdoor activities have on our lives. Let’s make our time together matter: at work, on rides and outdoors. This is just the beginning!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our purpose at Internetstores is to get more people on bikes and into the great outdoors. To continue enjoying our pursuits in the majesty of nature, we need to protect it. And to protect our ecosystem, caring for the well-being of our societies and one another is equally essential. Everything is connected. One affects the other.


Today, we all need to step up because protecting our living world has never been more urgent. To truly be a force for good, we know how we do things must be as important as what we do. We believe positive change in the world will come from caring for the smallest details.


We are committed to questioning and improving our actions to ensure that what we do serves people and the planet.


Internetstores is part of the change.


Find out how we are striving to make a difference.

6 things you should know about us

Did you know?

1 — Bikes for everyone
We ship more bikes than any other bike retailer – day in, day out.


2 — We are everywhere
We operate over 40 online shops.


3 — More choice isn’t possible
We have one of the largest selections of e-bikes online.


4 — Whether beginner bike or high-end racer
We have over 3,200 different bike models available – the choice is yours.


5 — Logistics par excellence
Our warehouse houses over 130,000 bikes at any one time.


6 — Established brands or likeable underdogs
Our bike & outdoor ranges include over 1,300 brands.

Family & Partners

The Internetstores Group is part of SIGNA Sports United; Europe’s leading online sports retailer. Whether its cycling, outdoor, tennis, team sports or athleisure – sports fans are sure to find everything they need to achieve their goals. With more than 4 million active customers, over 300 million visitors annually and more than 1,000 brand partners, 500+ independent offline retailers and more than 10 million digital sports community members are connected to its platform – the numbers speak for themselves.