Whether it’s Stuttgart, Esslingen, Berlin, Stockholm, Lyon or Saint Etienne – each Internetstores Group location has its own unique character and charm.


However, wherever we work, we all share a common passion for what we do: inspiring people to get on the saddle or get outdoors, every single day.

Life at ISG

The Internetstores group, that is part of the SIGNA Sports United, is made up of 900 experts with a passion for bike and outdoor. It’s our mission to pass this passion on to our customers – every day.


Honestly speaking, we all know that the work-atmosphere is as important as the work itself. We want to make sure that everyone feels good and enjoys coming into the office. Which isn’t so hard in such an open and dynamic environment. One thing’s for sure – we guarantee it won’t be boring!


Morning office-yoga, spontaneous table football, a well-earned Beer Friday – we don’t just know how to work effectively, we also also how to have a good time. You’ll go from colleagues to friends in no time at all.

Our Purpose

Every day we get more people on bikes and enable all to explore the great outdoors – so they stay active, healthy and live well.


Our Destination

Be consumers’ and brands’ most trusted partner for bikes and outdoors.

Our Inspiration

What inspires us
We love to be outdoors. Nature’s our playground – on foot, on the water or in the saddle.


We want to pass this passion on to our customers and inspire them on every adventure. How? Pulling together! We aren’t just outdoor and bike fans, we’re also e-Commerce specialists. We’re always on the hunt for the most exciting campaign, the most helpful product guide or the best assortment possible. And everyone profits from the knowledge of everyone else. We band together to reach our goals in a way we’re all proud of.


Sound good? Then take a look at our open positions – we’re always looking for great people to join our team. In the meantime, you’ll find us outside.

This I—S Us

The best part of our jobs is to experience ourselves how much fun you can have on the products we sell.

Our customer care team goes all in every day to make our customers happy.

Most of our work happens in front of a computer, but event then we are always close to a bike.

You need a surprising amount of paper to understand e-commerce.

Behind this front lies one of our state-of-the-art warehouses that ships out around 10.000 packages on a regular day.

A lot of time is spent on the development of products for our private label brands.

Our magazines bridge the gap between online and offline with a mix of service oriented and more inspirational topics.

Some of our employees commute every day by bike – come rain or shine.

Together we are strong and develop great ideas

A table tennis table in the office might be a bit of a cliché, but it is used on a very regular basis.

Our retail stores offer an additional value for customers that are looking for face-to-face advice and want to try products on before they buy.