Our brands, our strength

We operate around 40 specialist online retail stores throughout Europe. Among our range of top products from the bike and outdoor industry you’ll find popular house brands such as Ortler, Serious, Fixie Inc., Votec and more. A selection of around 900 brands and more than 100,000 products secures our position as Europe’s leading supplier of bike and outdoor products. In addition, no other company has a larger available selection of e-bike brands. We’re driven by the desire to serve our customers’ wishes and needs better every single day – we take that as a sporting challenge.

Bike Brands

fahrrad.de is committed to revolutionising the world of mobility, getting more people on bikes than any other company. Our unique product range includes bikes, clothing, equipment and accessories for all cyclists – from beginners to families to ambitious, experienced athletes.

This also includes a particularly strong range of e-bikes, with Europe’s largest selection in stock – available immediately and without long delivery times. In addition to the huge range of brands and products, we also offer professional advice from bike experts and cycling enthusiasts.

Since summer 2018 we have opened fahrrad.de stores in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Dortmund. With a Germany-wide network of local and mobile service partners, fahrrad.de is at the forefront of internetstores’ successful multi-channel strategy.


Bikester is our number 1 in Europe for cycling and mobility. Operating in twelve countries, this specialist digital retailer offers a unique up-to-date product selection in all relevant categories that’s optimally tailored to regional customer needs.

Here cycling fans and enthusiasts of all kinds will find the perfect bike and suitable equipment. Our expert advice and reliable delivery follow the typically high standards we’ve been setting in the industry for many years now.

Supporting the shop is a team of passionate bike experts and through intelligent searching, a virtual product consultant and a frame sizing calculator, we provide each of our customers with the perfect shopping experience. With more and more mobile service partners, we’re consistently strengthening our group-wide multichannel strategy.


ProBikeShop is one of Europe’s leading online bicycle and accessories retailers. Founded in 2005, the shop has over 1.6 million customers and sells its products in more than 34 countries. The range comprises over 50,000 products from mountain bikes to city bikes, triathlon, BMX and e-bikes.


At Brügelmann, decades of cycling expertise meet state-of-the-art e-commerce.

Our unique product variety includes bikes, clothing, equipment and accessories for all ambitious cycling enthusiasts, from dedicated road riders to passionate downhillers.

All expert bike fans will appreciate our open, honest and direct communication. Times change, but our passion for bicycles remains.


At VOTEC, we develop bikes conceived on flow trails, endless streets and gravel roads. We put the same passion into every model and combine the highest quality with outstanding design and innovative details. Numerous great reviews prove that our mountain bikes, road bikes and gravel bikes are truly in a class of their own.

VOTEC’s high-end bikes are available exclusively in our online shops: dream bikes that offer incredible value for money.


A bike is a wonderful thing. Not only does it keep you fit and healthy, it also offers you enormous freedom. At Ortler we believe noone should be without that! That’s why we focus on the essentials: quality, affordable bikes that continue to serve their riders faithfully even after many years in the saddle.

We deliberately avoid fashionable bells and whistles and short-lived trends, because even with bicycles, less is often more. But a bike shouldn’t just be functional. It also needs to look good – after all, it’s much more than a commodity! In this way, each of our models impress with their neat design and simple elegance.

To meet our quality standards, we develop all our models in Germany.


Our Serious bikes are specialised sports bikes that consistently meet individual requirements while staying affordable.

We offer both beginners and experienced riders solid bikes that combine maximum functionality, durability and high-quality workmanship. Our product developers and mechanics attach a great deal of importance to equipping Serious bikes with light and durable components and manufacturing them at the highest level.

But we don’t just know what’s technically important for sports bikes. We also passionately believe that cycling shouldn’t be turned into a luxury sport. That’s why we never put any financial hurdles between our customers and the ultimate riding experience.


Price-conscious bikes and e-bikes for the whole family – that’s what Vermont is all about. The range extends from modern children’s bikes through to city and touring bikes with select extras, to top-end bikes with motor support. As well as sturdy construction and high-quality components from the best-known brands, Vermont’s bikes are impressively durable and highly comfortable.


Bikes from FIXIE Inc. aren’t just for the day-to-day. They’re simultaneously understated and stylish.

Whether Singlespeed or Fixed Gear, FIXIE Inc. develops eye-catching, quality designs streamlined down to the essentials – and that come with affordable price-tags. These aren’t your standard bikes.

For those who live to tackle the urban jungle every day. For all who love minimalism. For everyone who wants to enjoy cycling in its purest form.


Red Cycling Products offers impressive, high-quality bicycle parts, accessories and clothing at the best possible prices. It’s our goal to provide every cyclist – from MTBers, road riders and gravel bikers to city cyclists and tourers – with the perfect equipment to combine comfort and fun.

At the same time, we’re constantly looking for new ways to expand our outstanding offers. At Red Cycling Products we know exactly what our customers need and, through years of experience, continuously adapt our unique range to match those needs. We’re committed to developing innovative, sophisticated designs that won’t break the bank.


Our Purpose

Every day we get more people on bikes and enable all to explore the great outdoors – so they stay active, healthy and live well.


Our Destination

Be consumers’ and brands’ most trusted partner for bikes and outdoors.

Outdoor Brands

The experience begins with Campz.

Escape everyday life and head into adventure! At Campz, we’re involved in our customers’ adventures from the very start. We’re here to advise you – be it on the perfect rucksack choice or rainproof all-weather jacket, on the search for highly specialised climbing gear or individual expedition food.

Our goal is to inspire people in the great outdoors; to support them with the right, high-quality equipment so they can enjoy nature in all its beauty.

We put our expert knowledge and adventurous hearts into our work and celebrate individuality every day.


Addnature is one of the top multi-channel suppliers dedicated to outdoor in the Nordics. We’ve been providing our customers with high performance outdoor gear since 2000. Our assortment contains carefully curated specialist equipment and clothing for hikers, climbers, trail runners, skiers and more. We strive to be the most trusted partner for the outdoor community by delivering an expert shopping experience, both online and off.


Strong partners, great trust

It’s only with strong partners who trust us that we can we offer our customers a unique shopping experience. It’s therefore immensely important to understand each other well, have similar values and pursue common goals. All our partners place the customer at the centre, act sustainably and go to great lengths to bring out consistently innovative products. We cultivate our relationships with them not only in exhibition halls and at conference tables, but also while on the bike or out enjoying the mountains. And our conversations don’t just concern prices and conditions; we also want to move the sport forward and promote being outdoors. This results in a unique range of products and services that inspire our customers day after day.