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  • René Marius Köhler

    Founder & Chairman of the Advisory Board

    René Marius Köhler (33) is the founder & chairman of the advisory board of internetstores. At the age of 20, René founded and with that he started his unique career as an entrepreneur. Not only does he know how to motivate people, he has also remarkable professional skills and capabilities. René is a born entrepreneur who is able to identify trends early and to draw the right conclusions for internetstores. His exceptional entrepreneurial achievements have been honored with multiple industry and national awards.

  • Markus Winter


    Markus Winter is Managing Director of internetstores since 2013. He is the operational manager of IT, shops, marketing and internationalization. Winter is our leading e-commerce expert with a unique background in marketing, business intelligence and retail. Before joining internetstores, Markus Winter successfully held a number of management positions in trade and e-commerce such as; Management Consultant at OC&C, Founder and Managing Director of the cashback platform Tamola, as well as Managing Director of Fashion For Home. He studied at the UNC Kenan–Flagler Business School, at the Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU) in Düsseldorf, and at the Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires.

  • Bernd Humke


    Bernd Humke is CFO and a member of the management board. Joining in 2013, he is responsible for finance, human resources and logistics. Bernd has longstanding experience in managing e-commerce businesses having held several management and supervisory board positions, including positions in North- and South America. Prior to joining internetstores, he was CFO and managing director of Europe’s leading fashion and lifestyle e-commerce business. Bernd holds a degree in law and business administration.

  • Markus Knöller

    Director Operations

    As Director Operations, Markus Knöller is responsible for the service point, the warehouse and shipping. His team ensures that all customer orders leave the logistic center in Esslingen well packed, as soon as possible, and that all bicycles go through a well-defined assembly process. Markus Knöller began his career with Koch, Neff & Oetinger Verlagsauslieferung GmbH (a supplier for book shops and publishers). The expert in logistics is the central connection point between operations and other departments.

  • Michael Benner

    Director Purchasing

    Michael Benner’s main task is to identify product trends in the bicycle and fitness sector and to satisfy the customers’ needs by providing a wide product range. The CPO and his team are responsible that the products of each shop are presented in a professional way, i.e. with emotional texts, high definition pictures and creative videos. Before he moved to internetstores, Michael Benner had been working for several years in the cycling industry, among others as Sales Manager for Biria AG. Michael Benner began his career with Sport Import GmbH where he served in the sales department. Motto: When you stop getting better, you’ve stopped being good.

  • Nils Pollex

    Director HR

    Nils is responsible for our current employees as well as the future employees of internetstores. As Director HR, Nils is responsible for recruiting as well as the concerns of the already recruited staff. Nils studied Business Administration with an emphasis on psychology and human resources and now leads a team of five people. Previously, he gained experience in recruiting for a bank and a personal consultation, before joining internetstores in 2010.

  • Burkhard Wagner

    Director IT

    Burkhard Wagner's responsibilities include the management of the internetstores IT. His broad role provides support to the very foundation of internetstores function. His management of about 20 staff supports development and technical care of all internetstores online stores including all background processes. Burkhard's experience and capabilities were earned through his Masters in Business Administration and considerable time working internationally. His technical prowess has returned substantial results, with Burkhard's attention firmly focused on improving internal processes and customer experience with our online stores.

  • Jennifer Bürkle

    Director Shops

    Jenni is responsible for our stores. Her daily tasks are to coordinate and implement all topics related to our online stores. Her focus lies on the continuous optimization and further development of our shops. This includes the coordination of the graphics and content management. In addition, she coordinates sponsorings and event planning. She leads a team of approximately 15 people. Previously, Jenni got her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media Economics and worked in startups in Australia and Singapore.

  • Thomas Spengler

    Director CRM

    Thomas is responsible for Customer Relationship Management at internetstores. Together with his team in Esslingen and the international staff in Berlin and Stockholm, he controls the customer communication and is responsible for the activities of internetstores in the areas of e-mail, direct mail and analytics. Thomas and his team will not be satisfied until the customer is so convinced of the company’s offers that he keeps coming back. After studying at the University of Munich (LMU) and working as a consultant for several years, he joined the internetstores team in the beginning of 2013.

  • Sabine Zwick

    Director Finance

    The daily work of Sabine is all about facts and figures: The specialist in accounting and controlling knows the finances of internetstores down to the last detail and assists the managers in the planning and implementation of business activities. Sabine, who studied business administration with a focus point on taxation, audits and manages a team of eight people. Before starting her career at internetstores, she spent several years both in Germany and abroad doing tax and auditing work.

  • Ulrich Spies

    Director Customer Care and Payment

    At internetstores Uli is responsible for Customer Care and Payment. The experts of his department are highly knowledgeable in the bike and outdoor sector and advise the customers via telephone, email or live chat. Uli is also responsible for all matters of payment: His responsibilities are to provide the correct payment in the online shops as well as the appropriate risk management. Uli has successfully implemented many projects in the company and was responsible for all matters of law until the end of 2014. He joined the company in 2008 and previously worked at Robert Bosch GmbH in the purchasing department.

  • Katrin Langenfeld

    Director Content Production

    Katrin is responsible for the teams „Product Content” and “Rich Media”. The enrichment of our articles with texts, pictures, features and videos and the internal production of product pictures are the most important core tasks in content production. Katrin owns a bachelor degree in media and communication management (university of cooperative education Ravensburg) and enlarged her profile with a masters degree in journalism at university of Hohenheim. Before she started her career at internetstores in 2015 she was head of online-content production at a big fashion company.

  • Herbert Luik

    Process Optimization

    Herbert is responsible for the process optimization of internetstores, whereby he analyses and optimizes interdepartmental process chains and operational sequences in order to contribute towards  the continuous development of the enterprise. His deep insight into the various channels makes Hebbe a crucial part of the quality management team here at internetstores. Up until November 2012, Hebbe led our customer care team, and has been one of the team since January 2005. Through his many years of service, he knows the internal processes of the company exceptionally well. Herbert began his career with Radsport Schanbacher before moving to Zweirad Leonberger in Esslingen where he worked as operations manager.

  • Jörg Schaible

    Director SEA

    Jörg is responsible for Search Engine Advertising (SEA). With his international team of about 10 colleagues in Esslingen and Berlin, he optimizes the visibility of the shops in all the relevant search engines. The avid biker and paraglider has turned his hobbies into a career, in making the best products for the customer easy to find. Jörg has been at the company since 2006 and was responsible for various activities in marketing after his apprenticeship at internetstores.

  • Philipp Wiedmaier

    Director SEO and Content Marketing

    Philipp is responsible for Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing at internetstores. Together with his team of ten in Esslingen, Berlin and Stockholm, he directs the flow of visitors from Google, Bing & Co. onto the online shops. Philipp studied Information Economics with a focus on Information Technology and Information Science. Prior to joining internetstores in 2010 he worked for several years as an e-commerce SEO consultant and was responsible for Organic Search, PPC and social media in a web agency.

  • Maren Frey

    Director Partner Platforms

    Maren is responsible for the partner platforms, in charge of all legal issues and is also data protection officer at internetstores. She has been at the company since 2012, where she takes care of national distribution partners and international sales partners. Maren studied International Business at ESB Reutlingen and completed her MBA right after. During her studies she gained a lot of experience in marketing and sales through national and international internships.

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